TokenBank Wallet

Decentralized Multi-chain Wallet

Various tokens supported

Include main public Blockchain like BTC, ETH, EOS, CZR etc., ERC20 token and stablecoin like USDT etc... The number of tokens keeps growing.

Smooth operation

The user interface has been completely renewed. Assets can be clearly viewed on the homepage with quick transfer and collection function. Users are able to manage asset through adding other currency besides the default eight major currencies.

There is no third-party management.

Users hold the private key and are able to make backup of mnemonic, export private key, and manage asset security. Modifying the wallet name, hiding the wallet and other settings can be done according to personal preferences.

Multi-chain wallet provided

Manage multi-chain wallet via a set of mnemonic. No more complex backups. Enjoy your smooth payment.

More than 1,000 tokens listed